In Pieces

In Pieces by Robert Peake
In Pieces
Cover image: Rob Roy via CC
ISBN-10: 1-62047-130-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-62407-130-0

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Most people have played a bit of chess at some point in their life. But you have probably never looked at the pieces quite like this. More than a paean to “the game of kings”, this miniature-scale collection of poems takes a pawn’s-eye view of human affairs: war, death, and aging — as well as Sudoku, Elvis impersonators, and nice cups of tea. It includes a series of poems inspired by one of the world’s most famous chess sets, The Lewis Chessmen of Scotland. Get all nine poems on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle for just 99 pennies.

“In Pieces explores a full range of feeling that liberates the imagination with its precision, lucidity and grace.”

-Jonathan Harris, Author of The Wave That Did Not Break

“Do yourself a favor and order this book of gems immediately!”

-Michelle Bitting, Author of Notes to the Beloved

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