In Pieces (An E-Book of Poems)

In Pieces by Robert Peake

In response to people on either side of the pond asking where they can read some new work, I have put together a little e-book called In Pieces. The poems all have something to do with the game of chess, but really that’s just an excuse to take a “pawn’s-eye view” of human affairs: war, death, and aging — as well as Sudoku, Elvis impersonators, and nice cups of tea. Several poems come from a long sequence about The Lewis Chessmen, published in Long Poem Magazine earlier this year.

The e-book contains nine poems in all, costs just 99 pennies, and is available for instant download. You can read it as a PDF on a regular computer, or transfer it to an iPad or Kindle. It was fun to put together, and I hope you like it. I may do a follow-up post about the process of creating the e-book, since I learned a lot. It is sort of the opposite end of the spectrum from the letterpress collaboration I did in America.

But for now, just enjoy the book.

Poem Online in The Raleigh Review

The Raleigh Review is a promising new online literary journal based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. My poem, “Las Vegas, Age Fifteen“, is currently featured as the poem of the week on their website, where you can hear me read it aloud. In addition to falling in love for the first time, at fifteen I also followed in my father’s footsteps by taking up tournament chess. With the help of an ambitious coach, I played most of the cash-prize tournaments in Las Vegas, winning a small amount of money, and coming dangerously close to a jackpot. I gave up after a year, and to this day I have a visceral aversion both to Las Vegas and to any form of competitive gaming. Still, the masculine angst, psychological warfare, and neon-light-induced migraines eventually  made good fodder for a poem.