In Pieces (An E-Book of Poems)

In Pieces by Robert Peake

In response to people on either side of the pond asking where they can read some new work, I have put together a little e-book called In Pieces. The poems all have something to do with the game of chess, but really that’s just an excuse to take a “pawn’s-eye view” of human affairs: war, death, and aging–as well as Sudoku, Elvis impersonators, and nice cups of tea. Several poems come from a long sequence about The Lewis Chessmen, published in Long Poem Magazine earlier this year.

The e-book contains nine poems in all, costs just 99 pennies, and is available for instant download. You can read it as a PDF on a regular computer, or transfer it to an iPad or Kindle. It was fun to put together, and I hope you like it. I may do a follow-up post about the process of creating the e-book, since I learned a lot. It is sort of the opposite end of the spectrum from the letterpress collaboration I did in America.

But for now, just enjoy the book.