I help people achieve their goals through coaching.

Robert’s mentorship has been transformative, providing me with a deepened awareness of my abilities and personal aspirations. His guidance has helped me better understand my strengths while also pinpointing the areas where I can improve. With his encouragement, I’ve developed a robust sense of my professional values, which in turn has sketched a clearer roadmap for my career advancement.

Through our sessions, I’ve cultivated a newfound trust in my instincts, allowing me to navigate complex decisions with greater confidence. This self-assurance, fostered by Robert’s coaching, has also prompted me to articulate my needs and expectations more clearly within my professional sphere.

Tom P., Application Engineering Technical Lead, General System

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One of the joys of my work is helping people achieve meaningful goals in their work and life, often to an extent they hadn’t dare to hope was possible.

I combine a decade of experience as a CTO together with a decade of experience coaching some of the brightest and busiest executives across a wide range of industries. In my work as a coach and consultant, I have supported a variety of clients, from early-stage start-ups to household names like AT&T Warner Media, Rackspace, The University of Edinburgh, The Scottish Government, and London Business School.

I offer confidential one-to one sessions, typically one hour per week held virtually, where we work together to identify meaningful outcomes, develop structure, offer encouragement, overcome obstacles, and celebrate success.

ICF Member

I bring curiosity, a collaborative approach, and a toolset of techniques refined over many years. You bring an open mind, a learning attitude, and willingness to be honest with yourself and me about what’s working, what’s not working, and what you want most of all to be true. That is how coaching works best.

Over the years, people have had nice things to say about the results of our work together.

Every client is unique, and so I look forward to getting to know how you work, learn, and think—as well as what brings you alive and where you want to go next. Some of the most successful people I have worked with over the years all have one thing in common—they know the value of calling in an outside perspective for feedback, encouragement, and support. That’s what I do. I look forward to hearing from you.