Coaching results from past clients

Robert’s mentorship has been transformative, providing me with a deepened awareness of my abilities and personal aspirations. His guidance has helped me better understand my strengths while also pinpointing the areas where I can improve. With his encouragement, I’ve developed a robust sense of my professional values, which in turn has sketched a clearer roadmap for my career advancement.

Through our sessions, I’ve cultivated a newfound trust in my instincts, allowing me to navigate complex decisions with greater confidence. This self-assurance, fostered by Robert’s coaching, has also prompted me to articulate my needs and expectations more clearly within my professional sphere.

Tom P., Application Engineering Technical Lead, General System

The timing of my coaching with Robert could not have been more beneficial. I was a few months into a new role as a COO that was far above the level of responsibility I have ever had in other roles. While I had spent several months working on my GTD system on my own based on the book and other resources, I was stuck and needed more support.

Robert always put my needs first in how we ran the sessions so that I got the most value out of each one. He was also willing to listen to me in some vulnerable moments when I was having a tough time without being judgmental, and providing solutions/ideas in the system that had immediate positive effects. As an executive coach myself, I thought this coaching would be more specific to GTD, and while this was certainly true, it was also effective as overall coaching for the situation I was in.

I’ve made great advances in my GTD abilities based on this coaching. It is something that will need continued attention and development, but it is now definitely a habit that will part of both my personal and professional work for the long term. And I find it makes my work more engaging and enjoyable.
I highly recommend investing in this coaching, and Robert is the coach to have if you can get him!

-Cory McGowan, COO, Canyons

Robert from Next Action Associates was a great coach and ideal for me, giving me real structure and tips from the start in a solid two day engagement, with some good follow-up calls. He worked with me, personalising the experience and most importantly, set up an infrastructure that works and keeps working, beyond the coaching session, and more importantly, beyond the first crisis.

-Michael Jackson, Scottish Government

I met Robert for the first time at a seminar I attended in Manchester during my time working for British Cycling. In that environment Robert was an engaging and effective presenter and facilitator, helping to bring to life the GTD methodology in a way that had immediate and lasting impact on my own systems of getting things done. Subsequent to that meeting Robert was excellent at periodically checking in on my progress with GTD and that led to my engaging him for some one to one coaching this year (2016). Through that experience Robert helped enormously in assisting me to find a way of working that was specific to my own needs and again helped me to deepen my understanding of GTD in a way that has been enabled me to maintain productivity and pleasure in my work and wider life. I couldn’t recommend Robert more highly.

-Paul Rowlands, British Cycling

I found Robert was quick to access, not just my understanding of GTD, but my learning style, which was very encouraging from the outset to find that Robert could skilfully navigate the fastest and most value adding way through the course. I found from each coaching session there was a wealth of tweaks and changes made to rebuilding my GTD system.

A month down the road after completing the one to one with Robert, I feel like this is one of the best things I have ever done, and would highly recommend installing GTD in your professional and personal life.

-Graham Lindsay, Owner, Belfast Bookcase Company