GTD® Connect

David Allen’s GTD Connect membership program is finally live to the public. GTD Connect includes an amazing web site with tons of rich content, events, and interactive applications to keep members engaged with maximum productivity and cutting-edge ideas and tools. This is stuff everyone needs to keep up in the world of information overload. Just …

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High Security on Mac/Linux Using GPG and a ThumbDrive

Using the free Gnu Privacy Guard and a USB thumb drive (which are often given away in promotionals and should be available for under $10 in small storage capacities), you can implement a strong (AES) encryption system to protect sensitive files on your computer. The process divides the means to decrypting sensitive data into three …

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MacIntel vs. Linux?

It’s been a week since Apple announced it will start using Intel chips. And, frankly, it’s come about twenty one years too late. But now that Apple is going to provide the most robust, powerful operating system in the world on the most ubiquitous hardware platform in the world, where does that leave Linux?

New Blog Software

Just a quick post to say that this blog is now running Serendipity 0.8. The upgrade path was frought with disaster after disaster, much of which David Rolston helped steer me though. Ultimately, though, it came down to the default version of PHP that ships with Debian being incompatible with Serendipity 0.8. Furthermore, to hear …

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