MacIntel vs. Linux?

It’s been a week since Apple announced it will start using Intel chips. And, frankly, it’s come about twenty one years too late. But now that Apple is going to provide the most robust, powerful operating system in the world on the most ubiquitous hardware platform in the world, where does that leave Linux?
In the realm of friendly GUIs, Linux still has a lot of catching up to do. But does this mean the price/value point and associated company backing for an XServe might one day make it a more attractive option in the enterprise than Linux? Clearly too soon to tell, but a fascinating prospect to consider. Furthermore: will Apple’s split from IBM cause Big Blue to redouble its comittment to the “other” major UNIX distribution on the market? With every strategic alliance forged and broken, UNIX-based systems seem to be creeping evermore into the limelight.