Silk Road Review 6.1

I received my editor's copies of Silk Road Review Volume 6.1 today, with its striking new color cover by Orna Ben-Shoshan. Since taking up the post of Senior Poetry Editor last year, I have read scores of poems each week, deliberating with my Associate Editors about what to include, and how. Being on the rejecting side of so many poems at once, I wrote a kind of rejection slip that I wish I could transmit to every aspiring writer who has, inevitably, not made the cut.

The poems that did end up in this issue are a delight to see in print--set in the woods and on the beaches; places as varied as the Peruvian Andes and a chic restaurant in glittering L.A. They each transcend their locality in some way. The prose in this volume was equally a labor of love for my fellow genre editors. And I look forward to reading the interview with the poet Dorianne Laux, whose latest collection, The Book of Men has been rocketing up the top-ten charts for poetry on Amazon.

In the end, it is for love that we write, and love that we compile--not only tenderly, but to provoke, incite, encourage, and unsettle. My hope is that issue 6.1 does all of that and more. To order this issue, or subscribe for a full year so you won't miss 6.2, send contact details and payment, specifying which issue(s) you would like, to Pacific University.

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