Rejection Slip

"Publication--is the Auction / Of the Mind of Man--"

-Emily Dickinson

In my first month as Senior Poetry Editor of Silk Road Review, I have already read over a hundred poems (selected from hundreds more by assistant editors). In the end, we will reject most of it. As a poet, I am no stranger to rejection myself. But this is my first experience being on the rejecting side of so many poems at once. Responding to this, I wrote the following short piece.

Rejection Slip

I'm sorry for what you lost. A friend. Or your belief in the world as a safe, sane place to live. My stamping a red "rejection" on the blood-specked page you sent to me is hardly the response you deserve. Find someone who sees the poem you will write twenty years from now, on the selfsame topic, that brings us to our knees. Never let that person go. Cling like a barnacle. Cleave also to the belief (which is true) that because you can be hollowed out, as with an ice-cream scooper, by the poems in dogeared volumes on your shelves, that someday, someday, you will have that effect on another. Today it is not this poem. Today it is not me. Though I refer to your piece by its assigned number when delegating to a subeditor the task of contacting you, consider this now my most personal attempt at reaching back. I'm sorry. I live here, too. This place overwhelms my instruments also, pegging the needles of sorrow and beauty on the gauge at the center of my chest. I decided, like you, long ago, to learn the device's more subtle measures, no matter how often it surged and blew. Keep learning. Note by note. In the future, I will not have to look for you to know you have revised your fate. You will send this message back to me. It will not bring me comfort, even as now I am sure you are not consoled. But maybe this will encourage you to shovel coal into anger's furnace, and ride upon that heat to a better poem. I do not like this any more than a natural disaster. Yet I must believe that Nature loves us in her way. Go write. Go write some more. Be gorgeous, despite it all.

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