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New Poetry-Film Essay Online

The film-poem genre has attracted considerable interest from various disciplines, and is beginning to gain astute critical insight as an emerging artistic form. One excellent vehicle is the German-based Poetryfilmkanal website. I was delighted to be asked to write an essay for them about the fascination of the film-poem. The relationship between art and memory […]

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We Wanted to be Writers

Four Poems from The Knowledge Online

Cheryl Olsen of the We Wanted to be Writers blog is kindly running four poems from The Knowledge, including the eponymous piece itself, on their website. While some of these poems are previously published, most have never been on the web before. So, if you have been keen to take a peek inside the cover, […]

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The Knowledge

The Knowledge Has Arrived!

On Friday, I attended a small private London launch for the second edition of a book by my friend and former boss, David Allen. His methodology has been the key to creating the space in my life for poetry amidst a dynamic career in technology and management consulting, and a generally full trans-Atlantic life. Having […]

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The Essence of Instinct (Film-Poem Online)

  The Essence of Instinct for Charles Darwin That summer you were alone with your thoughts, which is to say you were never alone. Nuage. Vapours. The Narwhal. Collecting iridescent bugs in your barely-visible net. Cataloguing, by sputtering candle the endless lists, ink darkening the corner of your mouth. Your armament of facts was nothing […]

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Special Offer

Help with Your Summer Reading List

[UPDATE: this offer has now come to an end.] In celebration of summer, I am making a special offer available that should be particularly enticing to international readers. Purchase The Silence Teacher and The Knowledge together and you will get instant access to download the e-book In Pieces free of charge as well as … […]

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Upcoming Readings: Ledbury, Leicester, London

The summer and autumn months are looking good for poetry. I will be giving a variety of readings, in a variety of different formats, at various locations throughout the UK, between now and the end of October. Ledbury Poetry Festival, July 4th, 15:40 — 16:00 I will be reading from The Knowledge as part of the “20 […]

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Writing with Integrity

What stories are ours to tell? The Atlantic’s response to a young white male poet contemplating hanging up his pen because of these categories in which he finds himself makes the fine point that guilt is never a good reason to stop making and sharing one’s art. Yet a fresh spate of plagiarism allegations in […]

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The Knowledge

The Knowledge is quirky, wide-ranging, luminous and completely enthralling. If there were an A  —  Z of all the places poetry should take us, this would be it.”
 — John Glenday

The Knowledge

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"These highly-crafted, long-considered poems have so much emotional resonance..."

-The North

"In consistently even, deeply muted tones, The Silence Teacher is a self-contained world ... an uneasy, affecting and unforgettable collection."


"Robert Peake's The Knowledge (Nine Arches Press) is a subtle, tender collection whose mixture of narrative and descriptive images inexorably draws the reader on to (occasionally painful) revelation."

-Sabotage Reviews

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