I design and develop games

“A game is a problem-solving activity approached with a playful attitude.”

–Jesse Schell

I started making electronic games in the ’80s using HyperCard. These days, I am interested in the unique challenges and opportunities presented by designing games for mobile devices and on the web.

My aim is to create games that are fun, pure and simple.


Eyedle is a simple web game where the goal is to guess the name of the celebrity based only on a picture of their eyes.

How long can you keep up your winning streak with a new image each day? Challenge your friends and see who really knows their celebs.

Eyedle is fast, fun, and free for all to play.

Currently In Development: Starcatcher Nyx

You are Nyx, a Starcatcher in training, whose job is to bring about night by catching stars as quickly as you can. Will you catch enough in time to please your mother the moon and gain special abilities along the way?

Combining simple screen-tap game mechanics with attractive light and landscapes makes this a casual, family-friendly game that is both relaxing and exciting to play.

Tap fast. Grab stars. Become the next Starcatcher.

You can do it, Nyx.