People say nice things about what I do as a consultant and coach.

“Robert is amazing at getting teams to make things happen in the real world. His approach allows both groups and individuals to gain a tremendous sense of creative productivity and foster new ways of true teamwork and collaboration – with equal measures of innovation, effectiveness, and fun. He makes sure that everyone is on the same page and focused on the main goal. His assistance definitely made a huge impact on our success. Robert is simply outstanding!”

-Scott Joslin, Senior Vice President, International Data Strategy, WarnerMedia

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Robert’s mentorship has been transformative, providing me with a deepened awareness of my abilities and personal aspirations. His guidance has helped me better understand my strengths while also pinpointing the areas where I can improve. With his encouragement, I’ve developed a robust sense of my professional values, which in turn has sketched a clearer roadmap for my career advancement.

Through our sessions, I’ve cultivated a newfound trust in my instincts, allowing me to navigate complex decisions with greater confidence. This self-assurance, fostered by Robert’s coaching, has also prompted me to articulate my needs and expectations more clearly within my professional sphere.

Tom P., Application Engineering Technical Lead, General System

Read more from past clients about my coaching work