Simple LEGO® Christmas Ornaments

Simple Lego® Christmas OrnamentsMuch of my adult life is spent improving productivity — both as a knowledge worker and as a poet. However play — inherently non-productive activity — is also incredibly important to me to remain fresh and creative. Plus, it’s fun.

For as long as I can remember LEGO® bricks have been one of my favourite playthings. Being near to Christmas time, I thought it would be fun to make some ornaments for our tree. I found some excellent, but complicated, examples on Chris McVeigh’s website. Like so many spherical structures made with lego, it involves layering cuboids to achieve a rounded effect.

So I started playing on my own, and re-discovered something I that must have first learned very early on about LEGO® bricks — that if you join them corner-to-corner, they can rotate a bit. I began to explore the possibilities in this, and soon landed on rounded ornaments based on hexagonal, instead of square, structures.

This “thinking outside the brick” approach happens most often when I am in an inquisitive frame of mind, and one of the best ways to create that mindset is to give myself permission to not have to produce an outcome, but instead just play.

For those interested, what follows are pictures and step-by-step instructions to make these ornaments.
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