Samurai Site

(Or, A History Of My Web Presence, With Nods To
Robert Pinsky And The 14th Century Samurai Creed)

When frames were in vogue,
my address bar remained constant.
When full-page graphics were in,
you could see my big head for miles.
I never used a black background,
I made trendiness my enemy.
When blogs were in fashion,
my thoughts became chronological.
I do not own an island in Second Life,
I make imagination my island.
When no-one hits my website,
detachment is my unique visitor.

Midori Mini-Cleaner: Zoom Zoom!

This little guy comes with two miniature brushes that sweep from front to back when you roll it along, pushing dust, debris, and eraser fallout into the back compartment. It’s brilliant! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anywhere online to order new ones (it’s made by “Midori” of Japan — you can guess how many companies have that name!). So far the only place I know you can get it is in the main stationery store in the Japan Center in San Francisco. Anyone know where else to get them?

Pagoda in the Rain Fly-Through

I have recently become interested in atmospheric effects, perhaps partly due to the recent inclement weather. This animation demonstrates the use of rain effects similar to those in feeblemind’s tutorial, volumetric fog, rain dripping from rooftops, using the water plugin to simulate rain on an uneven surface (tile), rain in puddles versus rain in grass (generated using RipSting’s fiber generator), and stopping rain at a boundary to create a dry interior. All in all I am pleased with the “atmosphere” and look forward to detailing the inside of the building, adding trees and other landscape, and eventually using this scene as part of an animated story.

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