James Valentine Peake

James Valentine Peake was born on 24 January 2006 and died in my arms on 27th January 2006. His three days of life changed mine profoundly.


“Who would give me a map to find you, the paper / superimposed with a constantly moving ‘X’?” -From “Father-Son Conversation“ Malcolm. Professor. Triple. Dos. So many x-es, so many ex-es. Expatriate. Expletive. Ex-father. Ex-son. Two lines, for a moment, cross. This is how the Romans made ten. In Arabic numerals, it takes two digits: …

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Seven of Hearts

Lucky Seven

One month after we opened the final flap on the Advent Calendar, a child was born. Far from the environment of a stable, the operating theatre was brightly lit, clean smelling, and sterilised. Everything had gone just as Science had said it ought to go right up to that moment. Yet when our son emerged, …

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