Recipe for the Broken Broadside

The limited-edition prints issued to the author are now SOLD OUT. However, you may still buy prints from the limited-edition set sold through Poor Souls Press, which are also hand-numbered and signed by the author.

The poem “Recipe for the Broken” was first published in “Walt’s Corner” of The Long Islander, the newspaper founded by Walt Whitman in 1838. The poem and background image are printed on sturdy 8.5″ x 11″ paper as part of The Broadsider Volume 2, Series 12 (Poor Souls Press 2010), founded by Paul Fericano. The previous series featured poets such as Robert Bly, Ellen Bass, and Wanda Coleman. The current series is set to feature Billy Collins and Ted Kooser.

Each print is hand-numbered and signed by the author. The limited edition run is 100 copies, of which 50 are to be sold by the author and 50 are to be sold by Poor Souls Press. Broadsides sold from this web page are from the first 50 prints issued to the author.