“Upon Arrival” (Film-Poem)

From the window of my office in Holborn, I watch the changing light of the London skyline with fascination.

Yesterday, with the help of an iPhone app, I propped my phone by the window for several hours and set it to take pictures six times per minute. I composited these images into video at 24 frames per second using Quicktime, then looped the clip back-and-forth, adjusted the colour, and added a panning and zooming effect using iMovie.

Valerie and I collaborated this morning on some accompanying words and music, combining it all together into another film-poem.

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“Road Sign on Interstate 5” (Video)

Theater 150‘s “Sneak Peek Writers’ Showcase” brought to light an outstanding lineup of students in Deb Norton‘s prose and play-writing classes earlier this month. As a poetry teacher in their fall lineup of arts classes, I also read a couple of poems.

The following poem received an honorable mention in the 2008 Rattle Poetry Prize, and appeared in Rattle #30 in the winter of that year. While the text and an audio recording of me reading this poem are available on the Rattle website, this is the first time me reading this poem has appeared in a video. Special thanks to Charles McDonald for filming that night.

[Edit: video no longer available]

Reading “Jonah” (Video)

I prepared my set for the Weird Words reading at the Beatrice Wood Center knowing two special friends would be in the audience. Although, as I say in the poem, I never knew their adult son, having lost my own son in his infancy, I feel a special connection with them.

One day, this poem came to me. I was nervous at first to share it with them. But they told me that they read it over and over in private. On that night, I read it to them in person for the first time. Needless to say it was difficult to keep reading through strong feelings. Kevin Wallace, director of the Center, videotaped the evening, and captured this moment.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1BDFAp-TQ0&list=PLE79190F4D5A8205D">Click here to watch</a>

Here also is the text of the poem:
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