Po’ on the Go

The Academy Of American Poets recently announced their mobile poetry website, complete with numerous poems arranged by theme or occasion and by form. Now, if anyone accuses you of being shallow, you can call up Paul Celan’s “Fugue of Death” on your iPhone, recite a few lines, and quickly prove them wrong.


Ack! It has been the equivalent of about a decade in blogging time since my last post. And now, it has come to this: pens. I have been through my share of felt-tip, rollerball, and fountain pens over time. As you can imagine, once in awhile a well-meaning acquaintance or relation, armed with the recent …

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Writing Naked

Valerie passed on this link to neatorama’s short list of famous writers who worked in the buff. The great thing about both software programming and creative writing is that clothing choice (and the choice to wear clothing at all) is completely optional.