“Recursion in PHP: Tapping Unharnessed Power”

“Recursion In PHP: Tapping Unharnessed Power” DevZone, November 2004 Next to object oriented programming, normalization of relational data structures and refactoring, recursion is one of the topics in computer science most often overlooked by the self-taught PHP programmer. This article is an attempt to help redress this situation.

“Queue It: a Better Way to Send Email in PHP “

“Queue It: A Better Way To Send Email In PHP “ International PHP Magazine, October 2004 This article explores a powerful alternative to the typical approach to system generated e mail–the PEAR’s Mail::Queue package–to queue system generated messages for periodic delivery, tracking, re-sending, and reporting on message status.

The Pleasures of Ming

“The Pleasures Of Ming: Explored Through Project K++” International PHP Magazine, August 2004 (cover story) This article provides thorough treatment of the Ming library for PHP through a unique approach. Instead of speaking generally about the library, we will step through various components of Project K++–the abstract art software that provided the cover art for …

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Geopositioning in PHP

“Geopositioning In PHP: Finding The Space Behind Cyberspace” International PHP Magazine, June 2004 (cover story) In an age where e-mail takes seconds, not weeks, to travel halfway around the globe, it seems physical location matters less and less. But the Internet hasn’t eliminated the need to pinpoint geographic location. So what do you do as …

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Practical Search Engine Promotion

“Get Seen The Easy Way: Simple, Practical Search Engine Promotion” SitePoint, June 2004 Learn to leverage end-to-end reporting tools for a $5 activation fee (Google) and a few cents per click. Then put this marketing data to work for you to boost your site ranking on search engines. SitePoint Article Of The Month June 2004