Name My Baby

I couldn’t resist. Here is your opportunity to generate names for my child that will give him or her the initials PHP. [Update: I broke it by turning on archiving in the blog and am too lazy to fix it. But the source (below) still works. Honest]


Just a quick note to say that since announcing my news recently, a rather irreverent post has emerged recommending I name the child Phil Horatio, or Patrick Henry, or Paige Henrietta–anything, really, to ensure the child ends up with the initials PHP. Pretty funny stuff.


Baby Peake On The Way Something happened about 20 weeks ago that I haven’t blogged about yet. But having seen the face of the being who, inshallah, will soon be my child–I felt the need to share. And, given I am entering a whole new chapter in my own life shortly, I added a new …

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