Mentors, Mentors, Everywhere

“A nation’s art is the expression of its soul.”

-Marvin Bell

Though we must walk our own path, mentors can crucially point the way. The UCLA Extension Writers Program has a nice writeup on the path I have taken since enrolling in my first serious creative writing class with Angeleno poet Suzanne Lummis in 2004. She was a critical part of my formative development, and I remain truly grateful.

Another mentor who has had a strong influence on my relationship to poetry since that time is Marvin Bell. I love what he has to say about the writing life, and I love to hear him read. He also comes across well on camera.

I am therefore delighted to be hosting him, as a representative of the soul of my home nation, alongside the equally wise and soulful English poet Esther Morgan as part of the Transatlantic Poetry on Air reading series.

The best part? You don’t have to leave your living room to join me.

Details of that reading in September are here:

Click for details: Marvin Bell and Esther Morgan // Transatlantic Poetry on Air


Our very next reading in August also promises to be outstanding, featuring Jane Hirshfield and George Szirtes:

Click for details: Jane Hirshfield and George Szirtes // Transatlantic Poetry on Air

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