Blogging Revisited

Since Thanksgiving, traffic to this website dropped by half, and has stayed there over the past few weeks. And yet I find myself, swept up in this season of gratitude and giving, truly thankful for the ways in which this medium has allowed me to connect with other artists and thinkers. Just the other day, I received a comment by a professor in Illinois on a post I wrote nearly a year and a half ago. My post sparked off his thinking about negative capability, and his comments likewise set my mind off like a string of firecrackers. Surely, without this website, we would not have ever had such an exchange.

And then just tonight, over spiced cider, someone revealed to me they had spent hours on this site, reading past entries. It opened up a whole new dimension to our conversation, and in fact may have even made such a conversation possible–since I can naturally be quite taciturn in real life. And so, despite the waning glamour of blogging in general, and a dip in traffic on this site specifically, I find myself thankful for the incredible access to interesting people, and ensuing sense of community, that this little website has given me.

And thank you, dear reader, for being a part of that.