Poetry Reading at L’Osteria 57

It was a charming and intimate gathering in the downstairs wine bar of L’Osteria 57 tonight. Despite a moving van scheduled to show up at our door all too early tomorrow morning (and packing left to go!), I’m really glad that I made it out on a rainy London night to meet up with fellow poets and poetry lovers and read a few poems.

Ivy Alvarez read poems about both classical and contemporary violence, Collin Kelley read a range of humorous and poignant pieces in his striking Southern accent, Agnes Meadows read almost-love poems and paeans to womanhood, and Karen Head read a mix of revised Southern Gothics and down-but-not-out Parisian poems. The atmosphere was cheerful and inviting–so warm I had to take my jumper off by the end (it is, after all, supposed to be summer here).

Many thanks to Collin for inviting me, and Agnes for organising the evening. It was delight from start to finish.

Now, about those moving boxes…