The Winding Path

People have been commenting on the logo in the upper left corner of the site. It’s a medieval labyrinth, a mystical Christian meditation/prayer device. I like it in part because it looks a bit like a brain. It also seems to appear chaotic, yet is orderly. To me it symbolizes the mind, and is fitting for a site like this one where I park my thoughts.

Some people get really into labyrinths, and it has been making a bit of a revival lately. My own personal experience with the labyrinth is that it is a wonderful tool for “unwinding” in many senses of the word. If you’re interested in walking a labyrinth, the world wide labyrinth locator can probably help you find one in your area. People are building them in surprising places. My personal favorite here in Los Angeles is Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens near downtown. Make an appointment and be sure to visit the meditation gardens while there.