London Calling

Valerie and I are planning to move to London, to be close to her family and to start a new chapter in our life together. My application for a settlement visa is at the British Consulate. After it arrives I will find a job. If you know of any dynamic, world-bettering companies that need a Chief Technology Officer with a mind for scalable web architecture and the soul of a poet, please let me know.

Although the timeline is not yet clear for our move, we decided that it was important to reach out now to our community of friends for support. Also, this gives us the opportunity to start to say “goodbye” to so many wonderful people on this continent.

We are especially fond of Ojai, the small town in California we have called home for the past several years. The word “ojai” means “nest” in the language of the Chumash Indians who first inhabited this area. Indeed, it has been a nest for us in which to be nurtured and grow strong. Now we fledge.

I will miss the wonderful friends we have made here, as well as the ten-minute ride to work on my bicycle, along the oak-lined Ojai trail with the California sunshine beaming through. But we have wanted for some time to have more access to Europe, and London itself is one of my favorite cities in the world. I look forward to getting to know both the poetry and technology communities there.

Our plan is to relocate as soon as we reasonably and responsibly can–making a graceful transition from my roles at the David Allen Company, and having time to say goodbyes to so many remarkable people here.

For now, I leave you with the news of our intentions, and the following short video: