Short Book Forthcoming

[UPDATE: books are now available for sale.]

I just received the good news from series editor Marvin Bell that a collection of my poems will appear in the Lost Horse Press New Poets | Short Books Series, Volume V. Like the previous four volumes, this book will again bring together what are essentially three chapbooks (also called “pamphlets” in the UK) by three up-and-coming poets, all under one cover. The format of this series was inspired by Scribner’s “Poets of Today” series, edited by John Hall Wheelock, which debuted poets such as James Dickey. According to Bell:

The series will introduce poetry that presses the boundaries of language–the sociopolitical, the surreal, the nutty, the extreme, good free verse, and good formalist verse. We prefer lively nonsense to earnest meaninglessness. We do not care for theory-based experiments. Manuscripts will be made up of poems someone can hate and someone can love. Middle-of-the-road doesn’t interest. Anyone who reads the work, whether they love or hate it, should immediately say to herself, ‘Well, this is different.’

I am thrilled to be part of this series, which has already brought so many gritty, gutsy, sharp-as-tacks new American poets to light. The book is scheduled for publication in February 2011.