When Gadgets Go Bad

Things have been pretty quiet around here for the past few weeks as I took a much needed vacation to Australia and New Zealand–without my laptop! Unfortunately, the only piece of gadgetry I did take was a digital camera which is now refusing to give up photos it is holding prisoner in a CompactFlash card that (according to fsck) has a bad superbit. Any suggestions for fininding alternate superbits on a CompactFlash card or other ways to extract my 150+ photos apprecitaed. The camera displays them fine, and my HP printer can even print the photos using the CompactFlash interface on the front of the printer. But as a USB device, it’s a very damaged creature. When I force it to mount (it’s msdos/fat) and then do a directory listing on the directory where the images reside, it freezes OS X (now that’s a feat!) So–any advice appreciated.