Two Views of “Despot’s Progress” (Film-Poems)

Despot's Progress

Posted by Robert Peake.

Since releasing a number of audio recordings on The Poetry Storehouse, the film-poem community has been remixing my work. Particularly interesting is to see how different filmmakers reinterpret the same poem. In some ways, this feels like the next best thing to being inside different readers’ heads, experiencing their own internal imagery even as they… Read more »

Poetry, Remixed (Including Mine)

Image by Adam Martinakis

Posted by Robert Peake.

The Poetry Storehouse is doing for poetry what “open source” has done for software by gathering text and audio recordings under a Creative Commons license. I wrote a bit about what this means, and why it matters, on The Huffington Post. Because I love this idea, and love collaboration in general, I released a number… Read more »

Snowblindness (Film-Poem)

Posted by Robert Peake.

Snowblindness It is hard to know how I got here, now that we cut the sled dogs loose, and went our separate ways for help, hard as pack ice in the footsteps I crunch into, wondering whose they are, following a herd of anxious commuters doubtless on their way to warmth, raising what look like… Read more »

Ursula (Film-Poem Online)

Posted by Robert Peake.

Ursula Black hair. Red claws. That’s all you need to know. She left the cubs a long time ago, and now all she wants is a man to drink gin and play snooker. She keeps a gun in her purse and two ex lovers in jail, signs her letters with a kiss and a dab… Read more »

Learning the Letters (Film-Poem)

Child, South Dakota, 1939

Posted by Robert Peake.

A film-poem by Valerie Kampmeier and Robert Peake, incorporating footage of children in Britton, South Dakota filmed by Ivan Bessie in 1939.

Seventeen of Twenty

Posted by Robert Peake.

Alastair Cook has been at it again, with an evocative new project inspired by PechaKucha, wherein he comissioned twenty poets to write very short pieces to accompany twenty seconds of footage each. I was delighted to have been seventeen of twenty, and impressed with the results.

Jonah (Film-Poem by Alastair Cook)

Posted by Robert Peake.

Lens-based artist Alastair Cook has done a remarkable job incorporating a poem I wrote in memory of our neighbour-friends’ son into a film-poem in his characteristic visual style. Be sure to listen through headphones to get the full effect of Vladimir Kryutchev‘s binaural recordings. The film will premiere at the Felix Poetry Festival in Antwerp… Read more »