Poem in Fjords Review

Fjords Review 2.3

Posted by Robert Peake.

I received my contributor’s copy of Fjords Review vol. 2, issue 3 today. It is a lovely perfect-bound volume offering such delicacies as Sarah Palin erasure poems and an arresting series of photographs like the one on the cover. My poem “Color Study” should feel right at home. I was pleased to send work to… Read more »

Poem Online at Amaryillis

Posted by Robert Peake.

I have a new poem in the weekly online zine Amaryllis. I met one of the editors, Hilda Sheehan, at our reading at the Troubadour last year, and discovered a certain overlap between my more quirky poems and her more tame ones. You can decide for yourself which this is. I am also delighted to… Read more »

Reading “Wednesday” by Marvin Bell

Marvin Bell

Posted by Robert Peake.

“And it was at that age… poetry arrived / in search of me” -Pablo Neruda, “Poetry” Poems can represent a turning point. Reading Marvin Bell’s “Wednesday” was one such moment for me. I wrote about what it means to me, and why it really matters, for the Prague-based online journal B O D Y. I… Read more »

Snowblindness (Film-Poem)

Posted by Robert Peake.

Snowblindness It is hard to know how I got here, now that we cut the sled dogs loose, and went our separate ways for help, hard as pack ice in the footsteps I crunch into, wondering whose they are, following a herd of anxious commuters doubtless on their way to warmth, raising what look like… Read more »

The Hills (Film-Poem)

Posted by Robert Peake.

Text of the Poem The Hills It is too late in the year for such weeping, I tell you, be still, the winds of our sighing have left the hills in disarray and it is late, now, for us to be singing like this, undressed, together, speaking quietly, as if to forget just how late…. Read more »

Books By My Bed (In a Book!)

Best of Books by the Bed #1

Posted by Robert Peake.

Eric and Cheryl Olsen of Bright City Books have done a splendid job featuring writers’ favourite books on their We Wanted to be Writers website. They recently sent me a copy of Best of Books by the Bed #1, wherein my top picks for poetry appear alongside the top picks of twenty-four other writers (many… Read more »

Poem of “Gentle, Absentminded Anarchy” in PoetryBay Online

Posted by Robert Peake.

The latest issue of PoetryBay has just gone up, carrying my poem “Sometimes I Wonder What I Do“, in which I confess to certain abuses of topiary. I am pleased to be in the company of smart, edgy Americans like Lynn Lyfshin, Mario Susko, and Kitty Jospé. Plus, there is always something fun and unexpected… Read more »