Poetry for Elephants

I received my contributor’s copy of the anthology A Poetry of Elephants today. It is a project I’m proud to have been a part of — not only to be in the company of nearly forty excellent poets — but because all of the proceeds from the sale of the book go to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

It will make an excellent gift for the Elephant-lover in your life, and is now available to order online. You can also read my poem “Letter to the Last Megafauna” halfway down the homepage on the A Poetry of Elephants website.

Congratulations to publisher Valerie Morton, editor Rebecca Gethin, and all the poets featured. Here’s hoping it does much good for our big-hearted brethren.


Poem Online for Sustainable St. Albans Week

St. Albans, our nearest market town here in the English countryside north of London, has been holding a week-long series of events focusing on sustainable living. As part of the proceedings they solicited poems from the local Ver Poets group on an environmental theme. They have been posting a new poem each day, and all are well worth reading.

Today, hot on the heels of America electing a climate-change denier to its highest office, you can read the short poem “What Will Survive Us“, my prognosis for unchecked human exploitation of the natural world.

Read the poem.


Poem in Acumen 86

I receive my contributor’s copy of Acumen 86 this weekend, bearing my poem “Masters’ Palette”.

I was pleased to recognise fellow former Highgate Poets member Anne Ballard in this issue, as well as Seán Street, who featured in a previous Transatlantic Poetry broadcast.

I also enjoyed the interview with Wolfgang Görtschacher, tracing the origins of Poetry Salzburg — the publishing group that gave me a big boost on this side of the Atlantic by publishing The Silence Teacher.

I look forward to seeing Wolfgang, as well as editors William and Patricia Oxley, at the Torbay Festival of Poetry next month.

You can order a copy of Acumen 86 or subscribe on the Acumen website.