Poems in The Westerner and PoetryBay (Online)

Two very different poems have appeared in the same week on opposite sides of my native continent.

PoetryBay has been publishing poetry from their Long Island base for many years; The Westerner, focused on themes of the American (and sometimes Wild) West, recently asked for a poem as well.

You can read “Tingle” in the free downloadable Christmas issue of The Westerner (the poem is on page ten), and subscribe to the magazine on their website.

The poem “Reading Dostoevsky in the John Lewis Café” is available at PoetryBay, along with many other excellent poems.

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas, whatever continent you’re on.

Two New Poems Online (Plus Audio)

Rattle #44I just came back from a week-long spiritual retreat wherein I was completely off the grid to discover that two new poems of mine are now available online.

“Historic Spring” appears in the Fall/Winter issue of PoetryBay, an online literary journal edited by George Wallace. Do check out the full issue as it is consistently teeming with interesting poems. I am also grateful to George for inviting me to give a workshop and reading at Walt Whitman’s birthplace in May. I will be reading from my collection The Knowledge, which comes out in late April, and which includes this poem.

La Campagna, London, Friday Nightappeared in Rattle #44 this summer and is now available on the Rattle website with an accompanying audio recording. As it happens, I also recently created a WordPress plugin to support the Rattle website by making their “random poem” capability more durable in its popularity. Personally, I could spend the better part of the day clicking that random button and reading their excellent poems.


Poem of “Gentle, Absentminded Anarchy” in PoetryBay Online

TopianarchyThe latest issue of PoetryBay has just gone up, carrying my poem “Sometimes I Wonder What I Do“, in which I confess to certain abuses of topiary.

I am pleased to be in the company of smart, edgy Americans like Lynn Lyfshin, Mario Susko, and Kitty Jospé. Plus, there is always something fun and unexpected to discover in this longstanding online zine.


[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/128542788″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]<a href="https://soundcloud.com/peakepoetics/sometimes-i-wonder-what-i-do" target="_blank">Click here to listen to "Sometimes I Wonder What I Do" on SoundCloud</a>

Another Poem in PoetryBay Online

I was pleased to discover that one of my poems is now available in the Fall 2010 issue of PoetryBay. The lineup in this issue is once again first-rate, featuring Molly Peacock, Lyn Lifshin, Keith S. Wilson, Edward Field, Michelle Bitting, Jonathan Harris, Wanda Coleman, and many other fine poets. My poem recalls the journey home from the first residency intensive of the MFA in writing program at Pacific University.

I hope you enjoy it.

Poem in PoetryBay Online

I just discovered that one of my poems is now available in the Fall 2009 issue of PoetryBay Online. This issue is loaded with good poems from wonderful poets from the Pacific University MFA program — like my illustrious colleague and alumna pal Michelle Bitting, the ever-stunning Ellen Bass, tough-and-tender Dorianne Laux, and my esteemed former faculty advisers Joe Millar and Marvin Bell. Not to mention Robert Bly, Kim Stafford, Lyn Lifshin, and Nick Carbó — the list goes on. As online journals go, this one is a heavyweight, and I feel lucky to appear in such good company. Enjoy!