1990 (Poem Online)

There was a point at which the analog world was overtaken by the digital, and I was right there, stumbling through puberty from childhood to adolescence.

I can’t resist ekphrasis. So when Gill Stoker of the Mary Evans Picture Gallery sent me a few pictures from the collection and request to (poetically) respond, I gravitated toward a stock image that summed up this formative time.

You can read the poem “1990” on the Gallery’s “Poems and Pictures” blog.

Poem Online at Mary Evans Picture Library

Mary Evans Picture Library

The Mary Evans Picture Library is an independent family-owned historical picture library started by Mary Evans in 1964 in Blackheath. She and her husband supplied clippings to publishers and news agencies for decades. The collection is now digitised and available online. Furthermore, the website’s Poems and Pictures blog features poems inspired by images from the collection, alongside the images themselves.

Blog curator Gill Stoker contacted me recently, and I was delighted to respond to one of the images she sent my way. You can read “Filing Room” alongside many other interesting Ekphrastic responses online at the Poems and Pictures blog.

Read the poem.