The Line-A-Day Club

The Line-A-Day Club is an ongoing experiment in collaborative writing. Writing and sharing poems can be daunting, but adding a single line to an existing poem can be quick, easy, and fun. An anonymous group of poets add a single line here each day, and at the beginning of each month we share the poem. Getting involved couldn’t be easier. Just add your line below.

Please add a line to the ongoing poem for The Line-A-Day Club. The two lines that will appear just before your line are shown below:

Note: all contributions are anonymous and considered cc0. Contributions deemed inappropriate or not in the spirit of the project will be removed. Poems are published monthly on this website and the Yak Collective website. This project is part of the The Yak Collective’s ongoing experiments in artistic collaboration and collaborative governance. Please contact me with thoughts, questions, or if anything doesn’t look right.

Past Poems

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