Engagement Matrix Survey

The following survey is designed to help you understand what some of your current attitudes toward work may be, how different factors may influence them, and to offer suggestions to help you and your team promote healthier dynamics. Please respond to these statements based on what you actually think and feel, not on how you wish things were or what you think you "should" say. Respond the way you would to a trusted friend asking you about your work.

We can handle whatever shows up
People don't always really know what they're doing
Things are good enough but not great
We are delivering good results
We are optimistic about where we are going
We sometimes ignore problems
We do good work
We have the right people and processes
We have fallen into a bit of a rut
We are ready to take on bigger challenges
We can do even better
Major changes would be good right now
We are adapting and improving
We are comfortable but not necessarily happy
Nothing ever changes around here
The work we do is a bit boring at times

No personal information will be stored, and the results of this survey are anonymous. More about your privacy and the terms and conditions of this survey.