Life Coaching for Musicians

Thirteen years ago, an injury brought Valerie‘s career as a successful classical pianist in London to a halt. Several years later, she left her teaching job at a well-known conservatoire, and moved to California to study psychology in a unique postgraduate program. Not long off the plane, we met, and fell in love. And I did what any man does in love–I made her a website. Her piano teaching practice in Los Angeles bloomed.

Moving to Ojai several years later meant mostly starting over with her teaching practice. But by that time she began to synthesize her experiences in the rigorous life of a musician with deep and meaningful training in psychology, counseling, and self-development. She began coaching other musicians from this perspective. As a result, I have seen Valerie bring a unique blend of wisdom, insight, humor, and practicality to help numerous musicians overcome resistance and blocks to achieve greater success, harmony, and balance in their work and in their lives.

Today I’m happy to announce a re-launch of Valerie’s website for free2create Life Coaching for Musicians. On the site, Valerie explains a bit about how she works, as well as how life coaching can actually be more effective than just career coaching. If you feel held back as a musician from living and playing at your best, or know someone else who does, I encourage you to get in touch.