Shortlist from the Pushcart Book of Poetry (Part I)

I have been flagging poems I like from The Pushcart Book of Poetry, and am now halfway through the anthology. It is excellent. Here is my list so far:

Stephen Berg“Variations on the Mound of Corpses in the SnowChicago Review
John Ashbery“All Kinds of Caresses”Chicago Review
Naomi Clark“The Breaker”Red Earth Press Anthology
Ruthellen Quillen“West Virginia Sleep Song”Magdalen
Norman Dubie“There is a Dream Dreaming Us”Porch
Dave Smith“Snow Owl”Antaeus
Tess Gallagher“The Ritual of Memories”Graywolf Press Anthology
Stanley Kunitz“Quinnapoxet”Antaeus
Seamus Heaney“The Otter”Antaeus
Allen Grossman“By the Pool”The Paris Review
William Stafford“Waiting in Line”Barnwood Press
C.K. Williams“From My Window”The Paris Review
James Wright“The Journey”Logbridge-Rhodes, Inc. Anthology
Derek Walcott“Europa”Antaeus
Mary Oliver“Moles”The Ohio Review
Heather McHugh“I Knew I’d Sing”Kayak
Hilda Morley“That Bright Grey Eye”Ironwood
Pattiann Rogers“The Power of Toads”The Iowa Review
Philip Appleman“The Trickle-Down Theory of Happiness”Poetry
Susan Mitchell“The Explosion”Ironwood
Galway Kinnell“The Fundamental Project of Technology”American Poetry Review
Mark Doty“Turtle, Swan”Crazyhorse
Stephen Dobyns“The Noise the Hairless Make”Sonora Review
Jane Hirshfield“Justice Without Passion”Zyzzyva
Stephen Dunn“Tenderness”Poetry
Leslie Adrienne Miller“Epithalamium”Open Places
Sharon Olds“May, 1968”Poetry

I remain unapologetic about my diversity of taste–from alpha to omega, Ashbery to Oliver. Yet such diversity sometimes makes it difficult to actually know what I like.

By keeping track of poet, poem, and press, I not only discover (or reinforce) my interest in certain poets, but begin to see what presses carry them repeatedly. Antaeus, Chicago Review, Ironwood, and Paris Review are all now on my radar as possible next subscriptions. [Correction: Antaeus and Ironwood are no more.]

How do you find the poets and journals that take the top of your head off? Is your process more organic? Or do you use some form of meta-analysis, like what I have done, above? With a limited budget (of money and time), how do you know what to read next?