2013 Roundup Year-in-Review

I have once again taken a look over the past year and selected a single post from each month that seems meaningful in some way.

  • 7

    January: Lucky Seven

    On the anniversary of his passing, I reflected on the profound understanding of the meaning of love that my son’s brief life gave to me–thus making me the lucky one.

  • Urban Harvest

    February: Urban Harvest

    The Highgate Poets are a lively and talented group of North-London-area poets who welcomed me in to their fold during my time in The Big Smoke. I was pleased to have poems included in their twice-yearly anthology.

  • The Silence Teacher

    March: The Silence Teacher

    Comprised of more than seven years of poems written after the death of our son, Poetry Salzburg published this slim volume in Austria, and orders soon began shipping worldwide.

  • Baby Mice

    April: Mice of the London Underground

    Qarrtsiluni ran my three-part homage to the fuzz balls who helped make my time as a London commuter that much more bearable.

  • May: Doomed in Good Company

    Responding to the news that Salt Publishing has stopped publishing single-author volumes of poetry, I set down these thoughts on why and how and how much poetry matters to me–even if I am the only one.

  • Silk Road Review 10

    June: Silk Road Review British Poetry Special

    A special feature I edited for Silk Road Review, featuring poets from all over great Britain, went to press in the USA.

  • July: First Transatlantic Poetry Broadcast

    Despite a few bumps, we pulled off our first live trans-Atlantic poetry broadcast featuring two fine poets and dear friends. Hundreds tuned in, and a new vessel for poetry was christened.

  • 金継ぎ

    August: Broken is Beautiful

    I mended a broken bowl, and learned a lesson about the beauty of impermanence.

  • Robin

    September: Two Wingèd Poems

    London Grip gave flight to two new poems.

  • Robert reading

    October: Reading at the Troubadour

    I was invited to read from The Silence Teacher at one of my favourite London venues. It was a very special evening indeed.

  • Holborn

    November: Loving London

    I rekindled my love affair with London, discovering it as not only a poetic city, but my poetic city.

  • Ursula

    December: Ursula (Film-Poem)

    Our film-poem “Learning the Letters” screened in Athens at the International Film Poetry Festival, and we brought out a new film-poem playing with anthropomorphism and the noir genre.