Books Are Here! (Human Shade)

About fifty pounds of books traveled over 2,500 miles to arrive on my doorstep today. I am deeply grateful to Marvin Bell, series editor, for selecting my collection Human Shade as part of the Lost Horse Press New Poets Series, to Valentine Freeman and Jensea Storie for writing the other two fine short books in this collection, and to Christine Holbert of Lost Horse Press for producing such a beautiful book, and being so gracious throughout the process. A labor of love on many fronts is bound up within these pages.

I am off to the office supply store now to get prepared to sign and ship out books this weekend. As a special thanks to everyone who ordered directly from me, I am also including an audio CD of me reading all of the poems in my collection. I only have a handful of copies left from this first shipment, but will be ordering another box from the publisher shortly, and taking additional orders as soon as I can. Meanwhile, it is a thrill to hold in my hands such a beautifully-produced book of poems, and know that many others will do so shortly. [UPDATE: I am taking orders again. Details here.]