Fire Spreads Toward Ojai

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We got home from Los Angeles this evening (noting all the way how ironic it was that we actually went into LA for improved air quality today) to discover that the fire has spread. In fact, according to the latest map from the Forest Service (which I superimposed on a Google map to show the surrounding towns), the fire has basically doubled in the WSW direction.

If it does that again, it will reach Ojai. So, we are packing up some clothes and important documents and getting ready to head South to my parents’ place if necessary. We plan to be able to get out of here with a suitcase and the cat carrier in a matter of minutes if we get that knock on the door. I will also be checking the RSS feed put out by the Forest Service for breaking news and updates.

It certainly brings life into sharp focus to enumerate our most important possessions in this way, to realize that if necessary our life could go on without anything else. Hopefully between the barricades and now over 2,000 fire personnel on the scene, none of that will be necessary. Meanwhile, please pray for rain (for the highest good). We should know a lot more in the morning.