Two Views of “Despot’s Progress” (Film-Poems)

Despot's Progress

Posted by Robert Peake.

Since releasing a number of audio recordings on The Poetry Storehouse, the film-poem community has been remixing my work. Particularly interesting is to see how different filmmakers reinterpret the same poem. In some ways, this feels like the next best thing to being inside different readers’ heads, experiencing their own internal imagery even as they… Read more »

Poetry, Remixed (Including Mine)

Image by Adam Martinakis

Posted by Robert Peake.

The Poetry Storehouse is doing for poetry what “open source” has done for software by gathering text and audio recordings under a Creative Commons license. I wrote a bit about what this means, and why it matters, on The Huffington Post. Because I love this idea, and love collaboration in general, I released a number… Read more »

Poem in Fjords Review

Fjords Review 2.3

Posted by Robert Peake.

I received my contributor’s copy of Fjords Review vol. 2, issue 3 today. It is a lovely perfect-bound volume offering such delicacies as Sarah Palin erasure poems and an arresting series of photographs like the one on the cover. My poem “Color Study” should feel right at home. I was pleased to send work to… Read more »

Poem Online at Amaryillis

Posted by Robert Peake.

I have a new poem in the weekly online zine Amaryllis. I met one of the editors, Hilda Sheehan, at our reading at the Troubadour last year, and discovered a certain overlap between my more quirky poems and her more tame ones. You can decide for yourself which this is. I am also delighted to… Read more »

Reading at the Royal Academy

Posted by Robert Peake.

Last night I participated in a truly unique poetry reading sponsored by Ekphrasis. A dozen of us poets dispersed ourselves amongst installations in the Sensing Spaces architectural exhibit at the Royal Academy. As patrons wandered through the exhibits, we read poems to them, which we had written in response to these very spaces. It was… Read more »

Reading “Wednesday” by Marvin Bell

Marvin Bell

Posted by Robert Peake.

“And it was at that age… poetry arrived / in search of me” -Pablo Neruda, “Poetry” Poems can represent a turning point. Reading Marvin Bell’s “Wednesday” was one such moment for me. I wrote about what it means to me, and why it really matters, for the Prague-based online journal B O D Y. I… Read more »

Andrew Philip Reviews The Silence Teacher

The Road

Posted by Robert Peake.

My friend the Scottish poet Andrew Philip wrote a review of The Silence Teacher that I just discovered tonight. His perspective is one I greatly respect–not only because I hold him in such high esteem as a poet, but because he, too, has walked grief’s road after losing an infant son. It must have therefore… Read more »