Snowblindness (Film-Poem)

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It is hard to know how I got here, now that we cut the sled dogs loose, and went our separate ways for help, hard as pack ice in the footsteps I crunch into, wondering whose they are, following a herd of anxious commuters doubtless on their way to warmth, raising what look like pitch forks against the white buildings ahead, their black tongues crying, "Murder" as I laugh into the snow-licked wind, glad not to be the foreman on that rig, glad to see the thousand-pair kind eyes blinking out in front of me, soft-nosed welcome party, parting ways as I approach the city centre, flushed and sweating, under this maniacal sun, I skip forward, breathing heavily, pulling off my clothes.

Process Notes

I found a film of reindeer in the 35mm Stock Footage collection and, after watching it several times, I began to develop a narrative about a man lost in the Arctic Circle. The poem came from there, followed by the video and effects editing and finally the music and sound effects.

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