People say nice things about what I do.

“Robert is amazing at getting teams to make things happen in the real world. His approach allows both groups and individuals to gain a tremendous sense of creative productivity and foster new ways of true teamwork and collaboration – with equal measures of innovation, effectiveness, and fun. He makes sure that everyone is on the same page and focused on the main goal. His assistance definitely made a huge impact on our success. Robert is simply outstanding!”

-Scott Joslin, Senior Vice President, International Data Strategy, WarnerMedia

“Robert always put my needs first in how we ran the sessions so that I got the most value out of each one. He was also willing to listen to me in some vulnerable moments when I was having a tough time without being judgmental, and providing solutions/ideas in the system that had immediate positive effects.”

-Cory McGowan, COO, Canyons

“Robert has been and is an absolute delight to work with. He has huge integrity in everything he does. … Robert is intelligent, articulate, trustworthy, reliable and has a very positive influence on the company culture. His skills as a CTO are second-to-none.”

Lucian Tarnowski, CEO, BraveNewTalent

“Robert has developed into one of our most strategic and critical senior management resources, combining a deep expertise in the digital/on-line/e-commerce world with an understanding and energetic contribution to the core strategic direction of our company.”

-David Allen, Chairman & CEO, David Allen Co.

“Our company has benefited tremendously from his creative thinking and overall professionalism. His technical knowledge and work ethic helped us achieve goals that might otherwise be difficult to initiate and accomplish without the benefit of his expertise. … Mr. Peake possesses a level of determination, commitment and enthusiasm that serves as a compliment to his profession. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

-Rob Caulfield, CEO, TrustCommerce