MFA Residency 4

Community Publishing

Chris Tonelli gave an excellent talk on limited-run small press publication. Rather than attempting to expiate small presses in light of an overwhelmed marketplace for poetry, Chris instead focused on the community-building aspects of small press and book-arts projects. For example, his So And So Reading Series in Boston works in collaboration with Rope-a-Dope Collaborative …

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Show It, Don’t Blow It

“To declare the meaningfulness is to curse the poem.” -Peter Sears Time for morning coffee at Maggie’s Buns, where resisting the iced cinnamon bun is equally as difficult as resisting tidy philosophical conclusions in the first-person confessional lyric.


“Genius in the arts consists of getting in touch with your own wiring.” -Marvin Bell Joseph Millar and Marvin Bell, both former faculty advisors during my study at Pacific, conducted a roundtable discussion around the theme of what writing poetry teaches one about poetry itself. At the forefront of their message was: write! As in, …

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