Welcome to the Beta Testing Programme for Starcatcher Nyx

Thank you for testing Starcatcher Nyx. I’m excited to show you the game.

It is still in development, with many improvements yet to come. Some of this I know about–for example, the game does not have sound or music yet, and many of the graphics are just “placeholders” for later.

However, there are parts of the game that can only be improved through feedback from players. This is where you come in. You can help by just playing the game and answering a few questions.

If you are not already familiar with the premise, you can click this button to read more about the game:

Part One: Install the Game

You will want to do all the steps in Part One from your iPhone or iPad

Step One

Download and install TestFlight from the Apple App Store:

Step Two

Once you have TestFlight installed, you can install the latest beta version of Starcatcher Nyx using TestFlight:

After downloading the game, you may receive notifications when the game is updated. Feel free to download and test the latest versions as you go along–you may even see your own suggestion incorporated into one of the later versions.

Part Two: Play the Game

Play the game for one “session”– this could mean completing just a single level, or playing for much longer–basically until you decided to put the game down and do something else.

Part Three: Answer Some Questions

You may want to answer the questions on your PC or another device where you can type easily (i.e. not a phone)

Step One

Once you have played a single “session”, click the button below to answer a few questions:

Step Two

Play the game a few more times over the next few days, then come back to this page to answer some more questions:

Thank you! Your feedback will be extremely helpful and is greatly appreciated.

You can continue playing Starcatcher Nyx throughout the beta testing phase and receive updates. If you have any additional feedback, please get in touch!