Two Poems in Sugar Mule Online

Kate Clayton

Sugar Mule has been good to me. My debut collection, Human Shade, features four poems published across three different issues of the magazine. It is such a boost to forge a relationship with an editor who keeps wanting more of my work.

The two poems currently featured in Sugar Mule #37 give mention to figures as diverse as John Lennon and Miranda the cat. They are in good company in this issue, alongside poems by poets such as local favorite Mary Kay Rummel.

Kudos to Cameron Scott for another fine job.

Mary Kay Rummel at the Bell Arts Factory

It was great to be back at the Bell Arts Factory, which is once again in full swing on the last Saturday of each month. Mary Kay Rummel read thoughtful and at times soulful poems from her newest collection, The Illuminations and Doris Vernon again brought cookies. New (to me anyway) this month was a Walt Whitman podium, with uncle Walt himself emblazoned on a pink triangle and broad leaves of grass made of painted wood sprouting from the pedestal base. I found out the Erotic Poetry Benefit, which I was too sick to attend, got a great write up in the VC Reporter. Finally, some press for this awesome community. The crowd was, as always, enthusiastic and eccentric. Poetry thrives here on the mid-coast.