Poets: Joseph Millar

Joseph MillarJoseph Millar is an American poet. He took me under his wing in the early dark days after the loss of our son, and has taught me much about poetry and life.


“Genius in the arts consists of getting in touch with your own wiring.” -Marvin Bell Joseph Millar and Marvin Bell, both former faculty advisors during my study at Pacific, conducted a roundtable discussion around the theme of what writing poetry teaches one about poetry itself. At the forefront of their message was: write! As in, …

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Joe Millar’s talk on the elegy this morning slit me open like a fish. Loss was one motivator for committing to my writing in a greater way by undertaking this MFA, and the possibilities he opened up in this ancient form–not to mention his analysis of the psychological and mythical dimensions–have my head spinning.

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When I was writing technical articles regularly, my blog was an invaluable tool. I could float ideas to a global audience and get great feedback that would help shape my thoughts before my writing went to press and international distribution. Given I have enjoyed dialog with a number of readers and writers whose poetic sensibilities …

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