Featured Poet at the World Stage

I had the privilege of taking Suzanne Lummis’ poetry masterclass at the UCLA extension with Jawanza Dumisani a few years ago. Since then, he has taken over the role of coordinating the Anansi Writers Workshop at The World Stage from Michael Datcher. Jawanza called me up and asked if I would be their featured poet for one of their Wednesday night workshops. I was delighted.

If you haven’t visited The World Stage, it is a thriving community of jazz musicians and poets dedicated to their craft in an area of Los Angeles undergoing a kind of West Coast Harlem renaissance — Leimert Park. The World Stage at the heart of the community is great people at a great venue doing what they love. Well worth checking out.

Geopositioning in PHP

“Geopositioning In PHP: Finding The Space Behind Cyberspace”
International PHP Magazine, June 2004 (cover story)

In an age where e-mail takes seconds, not weeks, to travel halfway around the globe, it seems physical location matters less and less. But the Internet hasn’t eliminated the need to pinpoint geographic location. So what do you do as a Web applications developer when you need to know where your request is coming from? How can you pinpoint the space behind the cyberspace?