Push-Bike by Elaine Gaston (Film-Poem)

<a href="http://vimeo.com/91520689"><img src="http://www.robertpeake.com/files/2014/06/screenshot-1024x576.png" alt="push-bike" style="max-width: 500px;" /><br>Click here to view the video</a>

Click here to read the text of the poem on the Poetry Society website.

Process Notes

Valerie and I were honoured to be selected to make a film from one of the seven commended poems in the 2013 UK National Poetry Competition. We admired Elaine Gaston’s “Push Bike” as a poem, and sought to carefully expand on some of its themes with music and visual imagery. I used the camera module on a Raspberry Pi to capture time-lapse of clouds out our front window, and mixed this in with public domain footage from Preligner archives. Valerie composed piano music based on “Oh, Oh Antonio” by C.W. Murphy, which is mentioned in the poem. The film premiered at Filmpoem 2014, Antwerp.