Andrew Philip Reviews The Silence Teacher

The Road

Posted by Robert Peake.

My friend the Scottish poet Andrew Philip wrote a review of The Silence Teacher that I just discovered tonight. His perspective is one I greatly respect–not only because I hold him in such high esteem as a poet, but because he, too, has walked grief’s road after losing an infant son. It must have therefore… Read more »

Das Achte Jahr

Uno Blue Eight

Posted by Robert Peake.

“Blue?” “Blau.” My ten-year-old friend is teaching me German as we play the card game Uno. His eyes are also “blau” and his hair light blonde. His English is only slightly further along than my heretofore-nonexistent German. So I mime. I ham it up, both winning and losing with panache. I shout “Uno!” and wave… Read more »

Three Views of The Silence Teacher

Assyrian Sphinx

Posted by Robert Peake.

“…what is poetry for, if not to represent the breaking of hearts?” -Fiona Moore, author of The Only Reason for Time The Silence Teacher has the honour of appearing in what is, sadly, the final issue of Sphinx that will carry poetry pamphlet reviews. This online guardian of the the poetry pamphlet has presided with… Read more »

The Silence Teacher Reviewed in The North

The North, No. 51

Posted by Robert Peake.

“…fresh sweat and sweet / Mortality, he found them on the North” -Thom Gunn, “At the Back of the North Wind” Paul Stephenson reviewed The Silence Teacher, along with three other pamphlets from Poetry Salzburg, in the current issue of The North. He begins, “If all poetry is essentially about love and loss then there… Read more »

The Silence Teacher Reviewed in Rattle


Posted by Robert Peake.

Rattle is one of my favourite US literary journals, and Michelle Bitting is one of my favourite US poets, so to have her treat my newest short collection, The Silence Teacher, in their online reviews series is particularly meaningful for me. As Michelle says, we were together in the first workshop of the first residency… Read more »

What Seamus Heaney Meant to Me

Posted by Robert Peake.

The sound of a giant falling is so tremendous that whatever we say afterward must be done in a whisper. It occurs to me that quietly retracing the ways in which this wonderful poet influenced my personal relationship to poetry could serve not only as the telling of a somewhat universal tale, but also as a personal tribute.

The Avuncular Variations (Poem and Audio)

Sippy Cup

Posted by Robert Peake.

My sister-in-law and our three-year-old nephew stayed with us for a week. It was great to revisit the classics: Transformers, Ninja Turtles, and Matchbox cars. They will soon be on their way back to Australia. Needless to say, I will miss them. Spending time together was at once familiar and profound, and as is often… Read more »