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The Knowledge by Robert Peake

The Knowledge Now Available to Pre-Order

“The work is elegant and strong. If it is silk, then it is silk over steel.” -Rachel Stirling, I am excited to announce that The Knowledge, my debut full-length collection of poetry, is now available to pre-order directly from the publisher at the Nine Arches Press website. The book ships worldwide, at reasonable rates, […]

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Namesake (Film-Poem)

About the Poem I essentially wrote this poem for a dare. Click here to read the text of the poem, and more about how it came to be. Process Notes Having already enhanced this ekphrastic poem with imagery, I decided that a film-poem seemed like an obvious next step. Visually, the film follows the poem’s […]

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Four Poems in Fowl Feathered Review

It somehow escaped my attention that four new poems appeared in Issue 9 of Fowl Feathered Review toward the end of last year. I responded to a call from Virgil Kay, mastermind of this highly eclectic online journal, via Twitter. The wild assemblage of text in various languages and images from different eras reminded me […]

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Metal Gauntlet

Silk Over Steel: First Review of The Knowledge

Good things happen on Twitter. I have Gail Borrow to thank for introducing me (and my work) to Rachel Stirling via this recent tweet exchange. @Stirlingwriter Ah, a lovely challenge for a Thurs morn! The work of @PeakePoetics is my response.  —  Gail Borrow (@GailBorrow) January 29, 2015 I scrambled an electronic review copy of […]

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Interview with Paulo Brito Online

I first met Portuguese artist and editor Paulo Brito online. He kindly published an essay I wrote about magical realism in his journal The Ironic Fantastic, and then re-approached me recently for an interview on his website. In it, I talk about my influences and mentors, current projects, and writing process. You can read all […]

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Innovation and Craft in Visual Art

Innovation and Craft: A Trans-Atlantic Theory of Poetry

“Poetry must be as new as foam, and as old as the rock” -Emerson Dichotomies are often false but useful. Contemplating the similarities and differences between British and American poetry, having steeped myself in both for some time now, I have been slicing my experiences as a reader along two axes: innovation and craft. Ancestors […]

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The Decline of Goodness in Poetry

“You do not have to be good.” -Mary Oliver, “Wild Geese” What kind of poetry will people be reading 100 years from now? It is impossible to predict for sure. Yet certain quantifiable trends in the poems published over the past hundred years give a definite indication of where poetry has been, and may give […]

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"These highly-crafted, long-considered poems have so much emotional resonance..."

-The North

"In consistently even, deeply muted tones, The Silence Teacher is a self-contained world ... an uneasy, affecting and unforgettable collection."


"After reading The Silence Teacher, I have a more emotional stake in living, and in loving. A haunting collection."

-Sabotage Reviews

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